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August 02, 2016

Mount Katahdin

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katahdin-reflection-e1472444285438-1024x626Location: Baxter State Park/ Millinocket, Maine/USA

Elevation: 5,267 feet

NoteThe Penobscot Native-American tribe that once lived in this region referred to this mountain as “Katahdin”, which means: “The Greatest Mountain”. It’s expansive natural reserve is protected by the State of Maine as Baxter State Park, inclusive of incredible rivers, rapids, high mountain streams, and cascading waterfalls cutting through one-hundred miles of Appalachian forest. Hiking Katahdin is a multidimensional experience with marvelous variations in the fauna and stone while ascending.early trail (FILEminimizer) I followed the ‘Katahdin Stream Trail’ on the western face of the mountain, which requires a parking reservation and 7 a.m arrival time, easily made through Baxter State Park Office. The initial portion of ‘Katahdin Stream Trail’ follows a beautiful and wide rocky stream, with grand free-standing boulders guiding the water that rushes down the mountain. Ancient works of masonry appear in unique stone pathways fully enclosed by beautiful Pines and Birches. Some steps are refined and delicately thin, while others are wide and loosely fit, with blatant cuts and incisions, a full half-mile above ground level.Cut Stairs (FILEminimizer) A spectacular waterfall can be found about an hour into the hike. The necessary level of skill increases after the waterfall, where the trail mingles with dried stream-beds and stacked boulders. From here, branches and roots surround the trail increasingly, and it is necessary to begin using climbing techniques. The terrain continues in this way for roughly another hour before breaking the tree-line, and encountering another major challenge.  Above and beyond the tree’s is a venerable wonderland of massive rocks and boulders, lining the last ledge to the peak like a giant’s pathway. Free-climbing is required in order to work steadily along the massive ridge, weaving between and over colossal boulders sitting almost a mile above the world. To both the left and right of the boulder-trail the valleys below unfold like a brilliant blanket with peaks to the edge of the skyline.waterfall (FILEminimizer) The pine trees below undulate and sparkle with a static electricity when the Sun is shinning, and all of New England unfolds before you. heights (FILEminimizer)Steadily climb through the boulder-trail following the white-dot markers, and it is roughly 45 minutes to an amazing peak.DSC00480 (1) (FILEminimizer) The Katahdin peak is a magical collage of unique dark granite colors combined with Celtic looking green moss, and interlocking stones. There are anthropologically notable standing-stones unlike any I have ever seen on this enchanted plateau, pointing and aligning to peaks to the west and east.Aligned (FILEminimizer) Some standing stones include signature fixtures, such as miniature counterparts supporting the front facade and drawing attention to the work.stander1 (FILEminimizer) The entire elevation is covered in this unique moss so similar to the heights in the Mourne Mountains of Ireland, the Cornwall coast of England, and gritty heights of Glencoe Scotland. This is one of the best hiking experiences in all of New England, and should be experienced by all sincere nature lovers and ancient culture enthusiasts. DSCF5290 (FILEminimizer)

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July 22, 2016

Savoy Falls Trail/Standing Stone

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Aligned to Noon (FILEminimizer)

Location: Savoy, Massachusetts

Scale: Standing Stone weight 1 ton, 5 feet height, 3 feet width: crafted to indicate Solar Noon.

Note:  The trail along Savoy Falls in the forests of Massachusetts is as breathtaking as any Celtic scene in Ireland, England, Wales, or Scotland.waterfall top (FILEminimizer) The ancient stonework here is of the exact same style and period one might find in places like Tollymore Forest, or Cavan National Park, both thousands of miles away in Ireland.rivulet (FILEminimizer) These are not simple “walls”, but they are most certainly engineering efforts put in place to influence the flow of the water in the area.  Native Americans did not build these structures, and they did not claim to. They were therefor present in the area before the natives arrived, making them perhaps some of the first engineered works ever, at the beginning of what we know as Time. A more astonishing standing stone is present at the mid-point of the first of two massive waterfalls along the trail.  It is my belief that this stone was placed specifically in order to point directly at the Sun at its highest point in the sky.cut solar (FILEminimizer)  The first image above shows the Sun at mid-day, the waterfall flowing directly along its path, with the stone pointing directly to Noon slightly to the left-center.  It is a truly magical and spectacular scene, and I believe the entire waterfall was engineered to create this effect.  These are energy centers, not the arbitrary rippings of ice sheets long ago.Deep Celt Wall (FILEminimizer)

Other areas along the gigantic waterfall trail that runs for miles into the valley reveal wonderful pools and smaller features that are just as mystical as any scene from a Celtic fairy tale. I am convinced that the same culture that crafted the ancient stonework in Celtic places also crafted these sacred sites in New England. There was an era before native cultures, where the original culture existed; The first culture on Earth built these places.

Whats more, not far from this area are sites where standing stones sit in farmers fields just as they do in Europe, again indicating a culture at work in this area ‘once upon a time’. This particular stone below is roughly six feet high and three feet in width, with a beautiful view of the Savoy forestry beyond.Standing Stone Savoy (FILEminimizer)Getting to Savoy Falls is a challenge. GPS will direct you to the extremely rugged dirt road you need to find in the town of Savoy, but drive slowly and carefully or you could damage your exhaust beneath your car. About 3/4 of a mile down the dirt road you can park your car to the right where there is a small designated space. The trail will be just off to the right revealing a waterside path downward. This is one of the most beautiful places in the world, if you come to New England, find Savoy Falls, you’ll never forget it.

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June 20, 2016

Mount Monadnock, New Hampshire, USA

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Monadnock (FILEminimizer)Location: Mt. Monadnock/Jaffrey New Hampshire/USA

Elevation: 3,165 ft.

DSC04509 (FILEminimizer) (FILEminimizer)

Massive stone work running straight UP the mountain side, defying logic. No farms or crops were ever planted here, it would be impossible. What are these stoneworks?

Note:Mt.Monadnock has an autonomous majesty that is impossible to ignore. Very much like Mt.Errigal in Ireland, Monadnock stands alone, part of no particular chain. It’s singular cinematic contrast over the New Hampshire landscape is stellar, although it is a relatively small mountain by global standards. The ‘White Dot Trail’ from the Monadnock State Reserve Station on Dublin Road winds directly to the rocky peak.  Anthropological stone work inundates the mountain side, featuring massive signature stone-walling and engineering that runs straight up the mountain, of which no farmer has laid claim. Here there are indicative New England pre-native era stone-works, where 100 to 400 pound stones are crafted, and then laid one atop the other at impossible elevations, where no cart or mule, or sane individual, would build a “wall”. The pattern fits with absolute consistency to every elevated trail site in New England; massive megalithic stone works that no colonial farmer claims, taking place at dizzying elevations. Native Americans would have witnessed these stone structures with equal amazement and wonder, and they take no credit for their building either.  The trail requires some hands on work to get above the tree-line, where wildflowers and stone porches emerge to overlook all New England.Monadnock Wilds (FILEminimizer)  At the peak there is an incredible stone, cut and pulled away from the mountain like a giant puzzle piece, pointing straight to the Sun at Noon.  This megalithic scale is similar to works found at Monument Mountain in Great Barrington Massachusetts. It seems that this first culture on Earth took control of these majestic elevations all over the world. Connections can be found between Celtic. Mayan, Native American, and Israeli megalithic sites and trails if we choose to observe them.  The next question becomes, what culture is capable of creating these megalithic wonders at the beginning of Time? Monadnock is a beautiful glimpse into this mystery.

DSC04552 (FILEminimizer)

Cut block at the peak of Monadnock, pointing like an arrow to the Sun at Mid-day. The scale is surreal. Look at the smallness of the people above! Megaliths!

DSC04540 (FILEminimizer)

The high porch above the tree-line to the peak.

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January 18, 2016

Standing Stone/Pale Marble

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White-Stander-1-1024x403Location: Heath Massachusetts

Scale: 3 feet height, 6 inches width, 400 pounds weight

Elevation: Ground level, rocky plateau

Note: This totally brilliant marble white Standing Stone is on a sacred hill top with many other incredible Celtic-style stones.  It was obviously a spiritual and most likely astrological center in pre-history. The hill is covered with variations of Quartz, Marble, and Granite, and felt like an energy center in so many ways with the bright Sun on the stones; also enchanting to look at during peak Autumn.AAAAAA

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January 12, 2016

Celtic Cliff’s in New England/Sacred..

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Mallorn-Light 2 (1)Location: Sherborn Massachusetts.

Note: On top of this cliff are several crafted and cut megalithic size stones that were absolutely placed there as a statement. The angularity of the cuts in the rocks indicates a specific vantage point where you are obviously meant to look at the stones. You can clearly see how the front stone is cut as if its holding up the stone behind it, which is the center of the massive supporting boulders set behind, with a triangular cut inlay between them. Amazing. This is New England’s equivalent to the Celtic Dolmen.Dolmen-nine-1024x768

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January 02, 2016

Hill of Cut Stones/ Symmetric Alters: Rocky Woods, Dover Mass.

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Location: Dover Massachusetts, Rocky Woods.

Scale: 50 feet Height, 50 feet circumference of 1000 crafted boulders.

Elevation: Ground level, Forest trail.

After interacting with the stones very closely it is evident that there are crafted and interlocking pieces fitted into each-other to hold them in place, like when two people hold hands, and the palms and fingers are flush; the stones are a 3D puzzle where the pieces interlock in a very specific way. Here is a step by step guide with pictures of how several pieces of one such seemingly super-solid 500 pound boulder are interlocked. The top piece is like an ovular disc or rounded dome covering; with another side piece that fits perfectly INTO the stone like a sliding key..

  1. Looks like a singular solid boulder from far away, but a closer look reveals something wonderful..

one-32. Rounded top piece unlocks and Top piece fits perfectly flush back into place..One4.Observe the second seemingly flat section on side of this piece reveals a key-like fit going INTO the actual boulder. It came out like a pulled tooth, but giant rock size key, with edges and a rounded long cut, fit exactly back into the boulder, 7 inches  A view of the refitted pieces of this anything but solid boulder that is a type of puzzle made of stone!one-78.View of the top of the boulder looking totally solid when all pieces are flush. Amazing, even in icy winter they are absolutely 8

A close look at the angles and the overall symmetry’s of the stones reveal that even the smallest samples were intentionally placed to fit into an overall ordered geometry.  Again, if you are just glancing over this hill quickly you will simply see a pile of stones here and there, but a closer investigation reveals that each stone is cut somehow, and that the distribution of each stone upon the entire hill is spacially even in terms of 1 stone per every few square-feet. Whether stones reveal a face, or an edge, or long angle, those faces, angles and edges suggest comprehensive geometric concepts such as centrality and focal angularity, indicating that the engineer of this scene was creating preferred vantage points for the observer. Amazing. Here is the alter; a quick glance will only observe sporadically sitting boulders, but a concentrated look reveals symmetry.


And now I have marked the central line of the equally split center piece, with two X shaped cross sections to the left and right of that center. A perfectly cut triangular stone sits directly above the center line.  This is an ancient alter.Symmetry-12-marked-1024x369Many other symmetrical anomalies exist in this place.  The next question is, how could this culture cut stones, seemingly like a knife through hot butter, to do this? More to come…

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December 11, 2015

New England Standing Stones/The Solar Stone Type

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Type A (1)Location: Squaw Peak, Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

Scale: 5 feet height, 2.5 feet length, 3 inches width.

Elevation: 2,512 feet.


Standing-Stone-Heath-two-1024x499Location: Heath, Massachusetts.

Scale: 2.5 feet height, 1 foot length,2 inches width.

Elevation: Ground level, elevated plateau.


x44 (1)Location: Squaw Peak, Great Barrington, Massachusetts

Scale: 5 feet height, 2.5 feet length, 3 inch width

Elevation: 2,400.

Note: A clear distinction in Standing Stone styles in New England appears with each hike.  This style, I believe, is often connected to the Solar mid-day alignment. I call this the “Solar Stone” for its specific 45 degree crafted-side parallels that lead to arrow-like point at the top.  They are in enchanting places among other monuments and alters.

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