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December 11, 2015

New England Standing Stones/The Solar Stone Type

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Type A (1)Location: Squaw Peak, Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

Scale: 5 feet height, 2.5 feet length, 3 inches width.

Elevation: 2,512 feet.


Standing-Stone-Heath-two-1024x499Location: Heath, Massachusetts.

Scale: 2.5 feet height, 1 foot length,2 inches width.

Elevation: Ground level, elevated plateau.


x44 (1)Location: Squaw Peak, Great Barrington, Massachusetts

Scale: 5 feet height, 2.5 feet length, 3 inch width

Elevation: 2,400.

Note: A clear distinction in Standing Stone styles in New England appears with each hike.  This style, I believe, is often connected to the Solar mid-day alignment. I call this the “Solar Stone” for its specific 45 degree crafted-side parallels that lead to arrow-like point at the top.  They are in enchanting places among other monuments and alters.

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