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January 02, 2016

Hill of Cut Stones/ Symmetric Alters: Rocky Woods, Dover Mass.

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Location: Dover Massachusetts, Rocky Woods.

Scale: 50 feet Height, 50 feet circumference of 1000 crafted boulders.

Elevation: Ground level, Forest trail.

After interacting with the stones very closely it is evident that there are crafted and interlocking pieces fitted into each-other to hold them in place, like when two people hold hands, and the palms and fingers are flush; the stones are a 3D puzzle where the pieces interlock in a very specific way. Here is a step by step guide with pictures of how several pieces of one such seemingly super-solid 500 pound boulder are interlocked. The top piece is like an ovular disc or rounded dome covering; with another side piece that fits perfectly INTO the stone like a sliding key..

  1. Looks like a singular solid boulder from far away, but a closer look reveals something wonderful..

one-32. Rounded top piece unlocks and Top piece fits perfectly flush back into place..One4.Observe the second seemingly flat section on side of this piece reveals a key-like fit going INTO the actual boulder. It came out like a pulled tooth, but giant rock size key, with edges and a rounded long cut, fit exactly back into the boulder, 7 inches  A view of the refitted pieces of this anything but solid boulder that is a type of puzzle made of stone!one-78.View of the top of the boulder looking totally solid when all pieces are flush. Amazing, even in icy winter they are absolutely 8

A close look at the angles and the overall symmetry’s of the stones reveal that even the smallest samples were intentionally placed to fit into an overall ordered geometry.  Again, if you are just glancing over this hill quickly you will simply see a pile of stones here and there, but a closer investigation reveals that each stone is cut somehow, and that the distribution of each stone upon the entire hill is spacially even in terms of 1 stone per every few square-feet. Whether stones reveal a face, or an edge, or long angle, those faces, angles and edges suggest comprehensive geometric concepts such as centrality and focal angularity, indicating that the engineer of this scene was creating preferred vantage points for the observer. Amazing. Here is the alter; a quick glance will only observe sporadically sitting boulders, but a concentrated look reveals symmetry.


And now I have marked the central line of the equally split center piece, with two X shaped cross sections to the left and right of that center. A perfectly cut triangular stone sits directly above the center line.  This is an ancient alter.Symmetry-12-marked-1024x369Many other symmetrical anomalies exist in this place.  The next question is, how could this culture cut stones, seemingly like a knife through hot butter, to do this? More to come…

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