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July 22, 2016

Savoy Falls Trail/Standing Stone

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Aligned to Noon (FILEminimizer)

Location: Savoy, Massachusetts

Scale: Standing Stone weight 1 ton, 5 feet height, 3 feet width: crafted to indicate Solar Noon.

Note:  The trail along Savoy Falls in the forests of Massachusetts is as breathtaking as any Celtic scene in Ireland, England, Wales, or Scotland.waterfall top (FILEminimizer) The ancient stonework here is of the exact same style and period one might find in places like Tollymore Forest, or Cavan National Park, both thousands of miles away in Ireland.rivulet (FILEminimizer) These are not simple “walls”, but they are most certainly engineering efforts put in place to influence the flow of the water in the area.  Native Americans did not build these structures, and they did not claim to. They were therefor present in the area before the natives arrived, making them perhaps some of the first engineered works ever, at the beginning of what we know as Time. A more astonishing standing stone is present at the mid-point of the first of two massive waterfalls along the trail.  It is my belief that this stone was placed specifically in order to point directly at the Sun at its highest point in the sky.cut solar (FILEminimizer)  The first image above shows the Sun at mid-day, the waterfall flowing directly along its path, with the stone pointing directly to Noon slightly to the left-center.  It is a truly magical and spectacular scene, and I believe the entire waterfall was engineered to create this effect.  These are energy centers, not the arbitrary rippings of ice sheets long ago.Deep Celt Wall (FILEminimizer)

Other areas along the gigantic waterfall trail that runs for miles into the valley reveal wonderful pools and smaller features that are just as mystical as any scene from a Celtic fairy tale. I am convinced that the same culture that crafted the ancient stonework in Celtic places also crafted these sacred sites in New England. There was an era before native cultures, where the original culture existed; The first culture on Earth built these places.

Whats more, not far from this area are sites where standing stones sit in farmers fields just as they do in Europe, again indicating a culture at work in this area ‘once upon a time’. This particular stone below is roughly six feet high and three feet in width, with a beautiful view of the Savoy forestry beyond.Standing Stone Savoy (FILEminimizer)Getting to Savoy Falls is a challenge. GPS will direct you to the extremely rugged dirt road you need to find in the town of Savoy, but drive slowly and carefully or you could damage your exhaust beneath your car. About 3/4 of a mile down the dirt road you can park your car to the right where there is a small designated space. The trail will be just off to the right revealing a waterside path downward. This is one of the most beautiful places in the world, if you come to New England, find Savoy Falls, you’ll never forget it.

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