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April 10, 2016

Gaulstown Dolmen

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Waterford-Henge-1024x576Location: Waterford, Ireland

Scale: Capstone 6 tons

Note:  The Gaulstown Dolmen is the “Mercedes Benz of Dolmens”, located in a hidden glade on a beautiful hill, southwest of Waterford, Ireland. Even the iconographic Poulnabrone Dolmen,  several hundred miles away in The Burren,  pales in comparison to this structure.  The Capstone is 6 tons, balanced on five minor slabs. It is only a brief walk from the back-road to enter the glade where it sits. Locally this hill is known as “Hags Hill” where a magic-weaving witch once dwelt away from town.  Also known as a “portal tomb” this megalithic masterpiece has stood for over 5000 years!  It’s streamline look, with a frontal aerodynamic point on the Capstone, reveals an incredible sense of style, along with wonderful crafting, and engineering. How exactly this was achieved is not yet known.  This is a  truly magical and enchanted place, and absolutely sacred.  I shared this experience with my family, and was easily one of the best days of my life. This is a must see for hikers, anthropologists, and photographers alike.

Hag’s Hill Glade

Hag’s Hill

Magical creature near the dolmen

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