Seek and Find The Sacred


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Avebury fours

This stone is in the middle of a land-locked town in Avebury, England. It is part of the largest stone circle on Earth.  It must weigh around 5 tons.  That’s 5000 pounds.  It stands at about 12 feet-high from its top, with a width of about 2.5 feet. I would say it is a least 4000 years old.  It is absolutely colossal, and there are dozens more just like it.

The question of how it got there is equally colossal.  In the Celtic era, thousands of years before before Greece and Rome, how could these simple people have moved this?  To move it they would be risking their lives, hiking through other tribes territories, enduring attacks and accidents; people would have died.  For what?  Just to put a Stone in a field?  It just doesn’t make sense. Imagine the same process for each Stone. They are each totally unique, meaning the process would be carried out in another area all over again. It is beyond mysterious, it is magical. You can get there if you choose.

This Stone is a white and gold slanted slab with rolling sections like a chest and belly.  It is bright against the landscape, and gives off a positive vibe.  It’s almost tilting its head to the side as if it was looking at you, or even smiling.  When I touched it I felt a slow rolling surge from my toes to my head, like a static wave. I encourage the readers to find this place in beautiful rural England. And this is just the beginning.  The Celtic sites and mysteries of England include every Celtic icon, along with myths that add support for a much more Celtic influence on world history.



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