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January 18, 2016

Standing Stone/Granite in Savoy

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A5Location: Savoy Massachusetts

Scale: 5 feet height, 2.5 feet length, 3 inch width, 600 pounds weight

Elevation: Ground level/In forest

Note: When I came across this Standing Stone in the Massachusetts forests just south of Vermont I yelled out in celebration. I imagine that when a Sea Fisherman catches a Tuna, he/she might feel the same type of excitement.  It is unlabelled and there is no record of its existence.  Let me introduce a beautifully crafted granite Standing Stone. It is cut with a long smooth edge, leading to an apex or ‘pointer’ at the top.  It is most likely indicating the direction of another significant area, but I cant see it underneath the snow.  The face of this 600 pound megalith also displays exactly 7 crafted and equidistant notches.  It is a truly indigenous New England Standing Stone, of the Celtic era and style, but of the ancient New England Pre-Native Culture. Something truly magical once took place in the forests and hills of New England, no less significant than the Celtic sites. Whoever made this stone knew that it would be there…forever.

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January 13, 2016

Standing Stone/Salt Hill, Galway

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cropped-DSC00027.jpgLocation: Salt Hill Beach Galway

Scale: 7 feet height, 2.5 feet length, 8 inches width, 700 pounds weight.

Elevation: Sea level.

Note: This Stone in Galway is simply beautiful. Standing Stones by their very nature are cinematic, and what this conveys is that Celts practiced the original forms of cinematic sense. This was a great moment of understanding for me.

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December 02, 2015


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Skyrim panorama 10Location: Skyrim.

Elevation: 2000 feet.

Note: This became my inspiration.



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