Seek and Find The Sacred


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Hello hiking, nature-photography, and ancient-anthropology lovers. Please allow me to welcome you to a blog that is inclusive of all three of these genres. My personal experience is basically summed-up by this pattern; I began simply by hiking in the most beautiful places I could get to. As I began taking photographs of those places, I would ultimately discover megaliths in the forests, mountains, and waterfalls of the world. It changed my life. I made a serious effort to create the content of this site,  including the images and literary reviews, of each and every place. But more than that, my mission has grown into something greater; it’s about YOU, the reader, and getting YOU to these places too.

HIKING GUIDE:   This blog is intended to guide followers to some of the best hiking trails and sacred sites on earth! Each post describes where a site is, it’s distance and difficulty, and what is particularly sacred about it.  Trails are inclusive of majestic mountain peaks, forests, waterfalls, and cliffs with megalithic fixtures. This blog, for the moment, includes Ireland, Scotland, Wales, America, Canada, England, Republic of Northern Ireland, and New England. I am aware that there are incredible trails in South America, Eastern Europe and Asia, but this is where I have dedicated my time so far. On the ‘Home’ page just click on the country that you are interested in, and it will go to the National Parks, Nature Reserves, and Sacred Sites from that nation. I hope the content and understanding continues to grow.

WHAT IS “SACRED”:  On both Celtic and American trails, a hiker can find Dolmens, Stone-Linings, Cairns, Wedge Tombs, Triangular Cuts’, and Standing Stones, which are all written about in great detail on this site. Some megaliths are even seen for the first time ever.


WHY SKYRIM?:  In the winter of 2014 this website did not exist. Rather, I was dealing with 108.6 inches of snow in New England, and an average temperature 29 degrees, sometimes falling to -14 degrees! Being forced indoors for five months caused me to create indoor activities, activities other than reading for work etc etc. I bought an Xbox 360 due to a poster of incredible beauty I saw at the store, featuring an incredible landscape of a world you could walk through. I bought the game Skyrim.(Image Above/Below) It set me on a course to hike the real world…While experiencing the incredible Celtic landscape and theme of this game, I resolved to investigate real Standing Stones, Cairns, magical Mountains, Forests, and Megaliths for myself when the snows of 2014 finally melted. That is how was actually born, and I enjoy paying tribute to Skyrim, encouraging people to play the game if they too are forced indoors for any reason whatsoever. 

Galway Bay

Below is just a few examples of the real Megaliths I’ve managed to find on trails from all over the world, including the forests of New England, where I am from. My hope is that others will use this site to find these beautiful places for themselves.



Standing Stone forests of Massachusetts

New Grange/Ireland


Cavan Burren National Park/Ireland



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Seek and Find.  

Jesus Christ is God. Amen. I love you Bonnie.


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